Wednesday, 19 June 2013

How to build MonotrOndes Part 2


Check out also the updated first part!

I'm using 3-pin DIN Connectors for connecting the Pitch Controller-module to Synth+expression-module of the MonotrOndes. I'm only using 2 pins and a ground point in this connector. You can choose a different type of connector. Or you can choose to make a non-modular version of MonotrOndes where everything is in fixed place without connectors and cables. But I have a point! The left-handed player can put the synth+expression-module on the right side of the pitch controller-module so he/she can play expression lever with his/her right hand. It's also nice to have a possibility to position the modules in a way that suits to your playing style.

 3-pin DIN Connector

 Here is an aluminum box that contains the multiturn pot. DIN connector at the top. 
Multiturn pot is connected to a pulley.

Here is the wiring inside the aluminum box. 

And here is the pitch control wiring inside the Synth+expression-module!

Stay tuned! :)


  1. Waiting on Part 3! Looking forward to building my own!

  2. Great build! How many turns does the multiturn pot have?

  3. It's a 10-turn pot. The ring should be able to travel from lowest to highest pitch. You can trim pitch range so the pot can have different count of turns.